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- for the exact dosing of powdered and liquid-water-soluble additives.

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If in use as a medicator, this device complies - in dosing and metering safety - also with all claims of DIN10529-2 "Dosing systems for liquid proprietary medicinal products for administration via drinking water"



  • Easy to use technology,
  • Exposing of dosage at waterstop,
  • Secure and precise uninterrupted dosage,
  • Large dose of 0.05‰ - 5‰ | g/l drinking water
  • Approved to DIN10529-2 including attestation of conformity,
  • Robust, easily accessible dosing pumps) for liquid additives,
  • Removable, easy-to-clean storage containers for powdered additives - also with special agitator for difficult-flowing additives,
  • Monitoring the success of treatment and the correct dosing by recording the amount of water and the additives used for the last 8 days.
  • Meets the condition of the German “Tierhalter-Arzneimittelanwendungs- und Nachweisverordnung  § 4 (1)” for the devices used to dose finished drugs - what might become European law soon also,

    Available in stationary or mobile configuration!

Integrable into all drinking water systems with built-in or retrofit water applicator - eg DOSATRON® doser pump. Easy installation - also in existing systems.

The stationary unit is mounted in part. Water and electrical connections - including cabling - at the installation site is required.
The mobile variant however, only needs an electrical outlet and of course the water connections.

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