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Current informations and awards as well as the press about our company and products.

Silver Medal of EuroTier - Year 2000 und 2012

Eurotier 2000 Silver

A notable development more...

A inovative development more...

Reports from journals

Edition 6/2005 Page 58 | MediPut
Edition 6/2005 Page 4 | MediPut

With comments such as.:
"An exemplary solution for calibration of a Doser has been developed the company Lührs!"
"By far the most by us well-liked was the dosser of Lührs!"
our devices have been repeatedly been recognized by the relevant trade journals which also published a number of reports about our products.

For legal reasons due to copyright ,we can not reflect the original here. However, some of the contributions are available for your perusal, at this link


Test results

An agricultural experiment center Futterkamp

LVZ - Futterkamp


Belapharm Symposium

Our test center has tested the doser for months. more... 

Employed was the dosing system "MediPut" its salient features has been completely proven.more... 



Diepholzer Kreisblatt

Lührs Gerätebau from Rehden presents on the EuroTier a new feeding system. more...




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