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MediPut Doser pump

MediPut Pump

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MediPut - Doser pump

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For fluid additives.

The doser pump is designed specifically for use in dry feeding systems of animal husbandry and is used for delivering of also small quantities of liquid additives and basically designed as a supplement for a MediPut system that controls the pump. If the pump is used without a dose system - the pump will deliver continuously after connected to a power source.

MediPut - Doser pump

Two different pump types with the following properties are available:

Hose Pump (HP)

Rotary Vane Pump (VP)

Hose Pump (HP)
  • Low cost
  • Safe and simple technique
  • Relatively insensitive to foreign bodies
  • Conditionally acid-resistant (suitable for many food acids)
Rotary Vane pump (VP)
  • High dosing accuracy
  • High pressure build-up (up to5 bar)
  • Significantly more acid proof compared to the hose pump

When ordering, please specify the desired type of pump!  -  For any further questions we are happy to advise you!

Can be installed in all common pipe chain and wire rope feedings as well as feed spirals. Easy installation - even into already existing installations.

Montage: Wall mounting.

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