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MediPut Fluid doser

MediPut Fluid

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MediPut Fluid

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For reliable dosing of fluid additives into dry feedings.

This device is a time controlled dosing system that ensured - by a special computer program - a very high accuracy and metering safety. Based on the data input to the computer - such as feedflow and desired dosage - the to dosed additive is going to be calculated.

MediPut Fluid

Special Features:

  • Safe and reliable dosage,
  • Simply to use technology,
  • Easy wall installation in the vicinity of the feed points,
  • Large dose range of 0,1 to 10,0 kg additives per t feed,
  • Dosing of fluids  - for example, food-acids,and fats generally1-2% possible,
  • Usable at all current pipe-chain and cable-feedings, as well as at feed-spirals,
  • Calculation and recording of the fed feed quantity and medications of the last eight (8) days.

Available with hose (HP) or rotary vane pump (VP). For details, refer to the product description.

When ordering, please specify the desired type of pump!  -  For any further questions we are happy to advise you!

Can be installed in all common pipe chain and wire rope feedings as well as feed spirals. Easy installation - even to already existing installations.

Montage: Wall mounting.

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MediPut Fluid