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MediPut MM

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With amount measurement (MM) - for precise dosing of dry and liquid additives.

When used as a medicator, this device meets  - in dosing accuracy and metering safety - also all claims of the DIN 10529-1 "Dosing systems for powdery finished medication for the administration over powdery feed"

MediPut MM - Product description


  • Safe and exact dosage,
  • Simply to use technology,
  • Dose stop for already medicated retrograde feed,
  • Large dose range of 0,1 to 10,0 kg additives per t feed,
  • Always same dosage, also with fluctuating delivery rates,
  • Certified by DIN 10529 -1 inclusive Declaration of Conformity,
  • Abandonment of the dosage at empty silo or bridge-formation of the feed,
  • Dosage of heavy flowing additives due to a particular stirring device also possible,
  • Easy to remove and clean dose container up to 16 liters, (2 x 8 liters per dose console),
  • Control of treatment success and the correct dosage due to measurement and recording of the feed quantity and medications of the last eight (8) days.

Can be installed in all common pipe chain and wire rope feedings as well as feed spirals up to 120 mm. Easy installation - even to already existing installations.

Montage: Horizontal in the feed supply.

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