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VoluMeter-Multiphase feeding

VoluMeter Feeding

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Weighing without scale, direct below the silo - the modern multi-phase feeding


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Directly under the silo, the from the VoluMeter-feeding system calculated feed  mixture for each mast section is made. Thereto the exactly type of feed  needed from the individual silos, is continuously fed into the feedline  in the appropriate amount. The discharged quantity is continuously  measured with an accuracy corresponding to a feedflow scale. For smaller amounts of food, the amount is even more accurate.

VoluMeter System Product Description


  • Compared to conventional multi-phase feeding significantly lower cost,
  • With an empty silo is automatically switched to the next silo with the same food, or a replacement feed curve is started.
  • Foodproduction directly under the silo - no additional space required,
  • Shorter feeding time as by adjustable flow rate per minute,
  • Remote maintenance via Internet possible,
  • Continuous production of the feed,
  • Automatic detection of refilled silos.

 Due to this modern art of technology new feeding concepts are also possible.

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Expandable with Change-Drive Feed System - ”RingelPietz”  feed sows as well as boars different but exactly according to their needs - in one stable!

Now further developed for the optimal adaption of the feeding to the animal need. >>>>          Learn more...

Easy to install - also at already existing feeding-installations.

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